Schedule how you would like your time spent and on what projects.
Rates are determined by the nature of our agreement, and generally range from $30-$50/hour. A one-time, short-term “project management” job will be charged by the hour. A long-term, ongoing arrangement will be charged a regular monthly fee, after we’ve been able to determine the average number of hours we’ll be spending on your account.

With a bookkeeping client, we suggest working together for a couple months, charging by the hour, to get a good idea what the average number of hours will be – based on the services you require.

With clients desiring other types of services, you may choose to pre-determine the number of hours you’d like us to work for you each month. Then, you would have the flexibility to schedule how and on what you would like that time spent.

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  Once a month (or each week, if you prefer), we have a brief conference call to determine your priorities for the upcoming time period.  During that call, we highlight specific tasks, appointments, and obligations to ensure they are handled in a timely manner.    
  As with a lawyer, billable hours and fractions of hours are documented and submitted with the monthly invoice. Invoices are sent upon the completion of work, and are due within 15 days.   

Specialized office supplies (letterhead, promotional materials, etc.) are to be supplied by the client.  Additional office expenses incurred in the processing of client tasks (eg. postage, printing of newsletter, phone charges for meeting planner communication, etc.) are submitted with that month’s bill.

Want to put these fees in perspective? 

Our bookkeeping clients are wonderful, creative people who know their time is best spent doing things other than bookkeeping. They also respect the need for recordkeeping that complies with state and federal law; for filing payroll tax returns and sales tax returns correctly and on time; for accurate handling of their Accounts Receivable and timely processing of their Accounts Payable. Most importantly, by trusting us to take care of their bookkeeping needs, they free themselves up to run their businesses more creatively, efficiently and profitably.

Here’s a comment from one of our clients who, in addition to our bookkeeping services, utilizes some of our “virtual asset” services.

 “I ‘made back’ ten times your fee in the first week after hiring you.  Instead of being drowned in emails, I took several afternoons to call all the clients who had hired me in the last 5 years.  Three of them scheduled me for their fall conferences, several asked me to put a hold on the dates of their next year conventions, and almost all thanked me for getting back in touch and said they’d keep me in mind for upcoming events.  I knew it was important, but I hadn’t contacted these program coordinators because I’d been ‘too busy.’  Never again. Hiring you was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made.” 

Another bonus is that you get all the advantages of having a staff member – with none of the legal or logistical headaches. And remember, Virtual Asset is an independent contractor which means:

No taxes or health benefits.
No worker’s comp.
No figuring out how to squeeze an extra staff member into a cramped
home office.
No OSHA requirements about providing a separate entrance or private
employee bathroom.
No buying an extra computer or desk.

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